Tashara Forrest Update - OMG its AUGUST!!!

Hi All,

How are you all doing? A BIG high 5 to all of my new and existing subscribers. I hope you are all being fabulous in your world and enjoying the summer!

Summer is my favourite time of year, I love the heat, I love the high energy and I am loving NOT doing the school run (LOL) and spending lots of quality time with my little boy!


So a few months back I had the pleasure of being asked to do an interview for LA based Jamila Ford's 'The Working Singer' Podcast. She found me online through my recent iSing Mag article, and found me so interesting that she wanted to interview me - THANKS JAMILA, I really am touched and honoured!

Jamila also pulled some top tips for going for your dreams from my interview, so I thought I would share them here, as they can be applied universally not just for singers / musicians.

  1. You attract the things to you that you want.

  2. Anything is possible. If you want to do something you can. Just give it time and work hard.

  3. You’ve got to have a life. You can’t always be working.

  4. It’s important to look after yourself.

  5. You sing as well as you look after yourself.

  6. A lot of our kind of work is belief. You have to believe in yourself.

  7. Record yourself so you see what you look like so that you can tweak your performance when you see yourself back.

  8. If you want something to happen you’ve got to do something. If you want something to change you’ve got to do something differently.

You can check out the full podcast HERE

Live shows

Just to remind you, I still have 3 upcoming dates that I would love you to attend. The next date is Tuesday 20th August, 2019 at The Bedford in Balham (pssst the day before my birthday!!!). I will be performing a set of my original music accompanied by my awesome Sleeke Band and will be debuting my new single on the night. This performance will be very special - not to be missed, so please arrive early to get a good seat!

OOOOKKKAAAAAYYY, So I have managed to type this after a long day including Sleeke rehearsals, the park (TWICE!) swimming lessons, cleaning my house and a trip to A&E (he will live!). So I must head off to bed now, before I get awakened with - "Mummy, what are we doing today!?!?!")

Much love and enjoy your week!!!

Tashara XX


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