Tashara Forrest Life Reflections EP

Tashara Forrest's debut EP LIFE REFLECTIONS is now here! Tashara has been on an immense journey of self discovery throughout her years.  After her late mother passed away in 2010, Tashara begun pouring her emotions into her songwriting. Tashara then decided to work on an EP of refreshing heartfelt and inspirational music to encourage and uplift. Life Reflections is a breath of fresh air filled with inspiration and positivity. ​ You can now BUY DOWNLOAD and DONATE Tashara is a huge supporter of mental health and will be donating a portion of her EP proceeds  towards mental health charities. A special message from Tashara: My Debut EP: LIFE REFLECTIONS is full of light, uplifting positivity

Tashara Forrest 2020 Independent Singer of the Year WINNER!!!

I hope everyone is keeping well and safe. I know it has not been easy and we have lost so many people and it has just been the pits at times!!! So I was really chuffed to receive this news as it has been such a difficult time, so it has been lovely to have something to celebrate! This award means a lot to me as I work really hard to produce excellence in all that I do, so it is lovely that I am being honoured for my work. I have also been busy updating my website so please do feel free to take a browse here: TasharaForrest.com I have some more exciting news to share later this week, so keep an eye on my social media for the updates: Instagram Facebook Twitter Youtube Sending you all love

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